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SPMG LA - PROFILE: KP Watts Counseling and Learning Center

KP Watts Counseling & Learning Center is making a difference in the community....See the difference. #SPMGMedia

In 1967, Kaiser Permanente started the Watts Project to work with the people of Watts to improve their community. Right from the beginning and continuing 45 years later, Bill Coggins and the people of the Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center are still helping people grow.

This year the Center is Celebrating 50 years in the Community, "Helping People Grow."

We want to invite you to come and share in our Celebration, by attending our Open House on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. REGISTER HERE

Please share the attached flyer with your relatives and friend, and be sure to register for the Open House at the link provided below. We look forward to sharing our successes in the Community of Watts with you and enjoying our Celebration.

We will have Music, Refreshments and lots of Fun!!!! Please register TODAY!!!The Watts Counseling and Learning Center is a unique community service of Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Since 1967, the Center has provided counseling, outreach, and educational services to the residents of Watts and the surrounding communities.

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