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Registration open for Summer Fun Camp at Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center

LOS ANGELES - What are YOUR youth doing for summer?

Summer Fun Camp parent meeting yesterday at Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. Thank you to all who turned out. See you Monday! Last call to those who would like to join us!

Summer Fun Camp is a fun and educational program for grades 3-9. STEM classes such as animation, engineering and robotics are offered each year, along with weekly tutoring, performing and visual arts, sports and recreation, field trips and more. High school youth can participate as volunteer or paid Teen Helpers. Paid is dependent on acceptance by one of our employment partners.

Our assessments and tutorials in language arts and math identify strengths and challenges and provide instruction to help students perform on or above grade level and avoid the "summer slide," losing much of their learning from the previous school year. Summer Fun Camp opens with one-week basketball and dance camps at no additional costs.​ Go to Parents/Enrollment to download the application. For more information, contact our associate director at (323) 756-7206, x23. For more information, visit

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