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SPMG Media is the fastest growing boutique publicity | content and Influencer marketing firm in the US. With experience in a variety of industries, we utilize a unique blend of public relations techniques and content marketing to increase our clients brand and business awareness.


Our content marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


We create content, distribute this search engine optimized content through our platforms, our publications, third-party sites and targeted media contacts (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, bloggers) international. national, regional and local. We also provide graphic design services.


With more than 1.4 million subscribers and 10 social media sites with hundreds of thousands more followers, as well as our 100 Social Media Influencers with 3,000 followers each AND more than 50,000+ media connections globally (TV/Radio/Print/Bloggers) we are sure to help broaden your brand and increase your bottom line sales! 


The best way to build relationships is through telling your story. Stories inspire people and spark curiosity. Make Millennials feel like a part of your brand by relating your story to their goals and dreams. Tell stories of how your product has helped others and also invite Millennials to tell their story, too. This will help you create a strong image and relationship with your audience.

SPMG Media publishes the following digital Magazines & Newspapers:

SPMG Media People Magazine

Authors & Artists Magazine

Christian Community Magazine

South Bay Community News

Los Angeles Community News

Inland Empire Community News

SPMG Media - Franchise Opportunities

Get in on the ground floor for marketing, public relations and brand management in your area

under the SPMG Media brand using our proven methods! Your franchise includes branded platforms for your area

(websites, blogsites, social media sites, custom domain names, regional brands of our digital publications,

as well as a training manual detailing all aspects of running your business and 60 days of online/Zoom training!

Thereafter online training videos will help you get answers you need at a moments notice. You will also enjoy cross marketing in other

areas of the United States or our International affiliates to provide your clients a broader marketing experience.

This is a turnkey opportunity. Select your area of interest and contact us today!

SPMG Media - Global Content Marketing & Aggregate News Distribution

Global Social Media platforms (FB, Twiter, Instagram, Blogs, Third-Party Bloggers and global media contacts)

SPMG - Atlanta News & Events

SPMG - New York News & Events

SPMG - San Diego News & Events

SPMG - New Orleans News & Events

SPMG - Las Vegas News & Events

SPMG - Dallas News & Events

SPMG - Washington DC News & Events

SPMG - Miami News & Events

SPMG - Chicago News & Events

SPMG - Los Angeles News & Events

SPMG - Kalorama News & Events

SPMG - Brazil News & Events

SPMG - United Kingdom News & Events

SPMG - Mexico News & Events

SPMG - United Arab Emirates News & Events

SPMG - Italy News & Events

SPMG - Egypt News & Events

SPMG - South Africa News & Events

SPMG - Monaco News & Events

SPMG - Canada News & Events

SPMG - Australia News & Events

SPMG - Philippines News & Events

SPMG - Germany News & Events

SPMG - France News & Events

SPMG - Thailand News & Events

SPMG - Pakistan News & Events

SPMG - Japan News & Events

SPMG - Turkey News & Events

SPMG Luxury Lifestyles

SPMG People Magazine

SPMG Nonprofit News & Events

SPMG Global Embassies/Consulates News & Events



SPMG Media Publications
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Press Releases
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