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Can You See the Monkey's Fighting?

Your monkey mind is constantly fighting with you. One moment you believe and the next moment you're in fear.

One moment you can conquer the world and the next moment you begin to lose your confidence.

This back and forth dance is known as monkey mind. Have you ever seen two monkey's fighting or even play fighting with each other. It's pretty hilarious.

Monkey mind is the result of learning about all the things you cannot be and do since you were a child. This is due to socialization, family values, culture and your schooling.

Most times when you say you believe GOD, what you're really saying is that. "I'm so scared of living like this and I want things to be different, I'm just hoping that God's word is true and that I can believe him."

You may say you believe. But you don't. Why?

Because the "whole paraphernalia of the mind- are manipulated by the outside." It takes commitment and training to learn how to live your belief in God from the inside out. Because of this, far too many people think they are in BELIEF, but what they're really in is FEAR disguised as logic.

Here's what's happening- you think belief is a mental thing. It's not. belief is a heart matter. This was a game changing reality for me.

My goal is to free you from your monkey mind and throw you " from your head into your heart. "

Because, that's where real FAITH starts!

Faith and Belief are matters of the heart.

The Bible says; Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness." James 2:23

How did ABRAHAM believe God? He applied the first rule of GOD- Trust in the LORD with all your HEART and lean NOT to thy OWN understanding. Proverbs 3:5

The bible also says the just shall live by faith, What is faith? Faith =CONVICTION or Persuasion + Corresponding Action.

Your corresponding actions give life to your conviction or persuasion. Meaning you cannot say you're in belief until you have a corresponding action that aligns with that belief.

Remember, FAITH SPEAKS and Acts out What it Believes.

What does that mean: The God-Kind of Faith Speaks What it Wants to Happen Based on The Word in the Present Tense.

What does that mean? The Vital Mental Disposition of Faith is Always PRESENT TENSE. What does that mean? If it is not being spoken, it is not Belief What does that mean? If it is not being acted upon, it is not Faith.

Remember, Faith without works is dead.

Is this too much for you?

I have so much more to reveal to you!

invest in a session with me if you're ready to take it to the next level

If I ruled the world,

Ms.Queenie - Learn more at

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