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2022 Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival - Opening Night Premiere Of "Mars One"

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival ( HBRFEST ) is a rapidly growing festival dedicated to promoting independent Brazilian filmmakers. The Festival separates itself from other film festivals by embracing the Brazilian flavor through screenings of Brazilian Indie films, promoting renowned Brazilian stars and its dedication. Every year the festival include a variety of screenings of some of the year's top indie films, panels and workshops that feature award-winning actors, writers and directors, VIP parties and Film business industry. This year the HBRFEST will also recognize one award recipients in the film industry categories: The HBRFEST Award are giving to a HBRFEST supporter and a Brazilian artist in any category.

SYNOPSIS A lower middle class family undergoes a series of challenging and profound changes, reinventing themselves and their family tie Brazil / 115 min / 2022 Directed by Gabriel Martins Cast: Rejane Faria, Carlos Francisco, Camilla Damião, Cícero Lucas, Ana Hilário, Russo APR, Dircinha Macedo, Tokinho e Juan Pablo Sorín #SPMGMedia #sponsored


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