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James Corden has just revealed that he will once again take center stage as the host of the Grammy Awards.

The late-night comedian announced the exciting news during a panel at CBS’ Upfronts event in New York City—which seems appropriate given that the Grammys are moving to the Big Apple next year.

Shortly before he hosted this year’s gig—which featured sing-alongs, hilarious antics and much, much more—the lovable Brit admitted that he was feeling the pressure to succeed as the host of the music industry’s biggest night of the year.

“I like nerves. I think nerves are good. I think you’re only nervous when you want to do your best,” he told CBS at the time.

“I haven’t gone to bed for like a month now where I have not been thinking about the Grammy Awards, because it means a lot to me to host it and I just don’t want to let anybody down. I want the show to be a true celebration of everybody in that room.” And boy, was it ever.

It’s been a big day for award show hosting announcements…Just hours before Corden spilled the details about next year’s Grammy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was announced as the host for the 2018 Academy Awards. Sounds like these two gents certainly made the right impression on audiences with their big debuts this year.

So here’s to another year with Corden steering the ship! What do you think of the latest hosting news? We would love to hear from you, join the conversation via Twitter @SPMGMedia

Source: E! Online

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