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Where Public Relations Is Headed In The Modern Era

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, an award-winning, top 20 New York City-based PR firm.

Some people have declared that public relations is dying. They’re wrong. It is, however, transforming. Where public relations was once just about press releases, it now also encompasses content creation, social media and more. PR agencies continue to expand techniques and find new ways of touching their clients’ target markets.

But there are some ways that have been developed and will continue to prove helpful for those brands building their marketplace for a global economy. Any visit to a website likely holds numerous sales pitches, so much so that they have almost become invisible. If you looked at a product on Amazon or any other online store, your next visit to your favorite social media platform or your email account probably has that item featured to the side or in the middle of your page, leaving consumers more agnostic to sales advertising.

The Evolution Of PR

PR was initially about getting the word out to journalists and the media about a client’s accomplishments, their sponsored events and new product launches. Those things are still done but now the media is a very different animal. Getting the word out can happen through a press release, but more often it might be through a blogger or an article from another trusted source that is shared online.

Social media has changed communications; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms have completely changed the way the world functions.

How Have Clients’ Needs Changed?

As social media became more prevalent, consumers became savvier to marketing of all kinds. As social media sites filled with paid advertising, people began to ignore ads more. Ads are targeted now by a person’s browser history, but the practice has become transparent to customers. With that, PR had to learn new approaches.

Before long came the phrase often repeated by those mentoring people about building an online business: Content is king. PR needs to also give value to targeted audiences and best understand what will catch the interest of those who will buy their products and services.

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