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Art by Frank Kelley, Jr: "Generations"

FKJ Art Gallery 410 North 6th Street Suite2 WestMonroe,La Tues-Fri10am-6pm Saturday's10am - 4pm Painted by artist FrankKelley,Jr "Generations" 2004 #artgallery #abstracts #Landscapes #Collectors #contemporaryart #interiordecorators


Taking his inspiration from Southern American landscapes and subject matter, Frank Kelley, Jr.'s work inspires, brings grace and highlights individuals of importance in American history, as well as those powerful, iconic images of our communities. His abstracts are powerful statement pieces that complete the decor of any well-designed room. His unforgettable works of art can be found in the homes of well-known collectors, entertainers, museums, corporations, political figures and private collections across the world. His works have also been included in galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Detroit, Switzerland and more. Frank creates art that takes its viewer on a journey. His expressive work takes the form of current life, yesteryears, as well as evoking the emotions of sorrow and happiness, struggle, hope, and togetherness and love. Private and corporate collectors around the world have acquired his investment quality work.Frank Kelley, Jr. produces 20 to 25 pieces each year, and his work has been exhibited across the nation, including New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee.

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