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Smooth Jazz Harpist, Mariea Antoinette

"Who knew the magical sound of the harp could find a home on the funk side of the Jazz world? San Diego native Marie Antoinette’s repertoire includes Classical, Jazz and R&B, which she has showcased at Walt Disney Hall and of course out on the Jazz in Pink tour. Her debut single “Give Me Your Love” is a sensual, funky fresh re-imagining of the love song from Curtis Mayfield’s iconic Super Fly soundtrack. Keeping her spirited, melodic harp lines front and center, she creates a bold blend of old school with soul sensibilities, symphonic atmospheres and sizzling brass. “Give Me Your Love”… and more of it, please!" ~Jonathan Widran


MANAGER: James Norris EM : PH: 619.847.0043 PH: 619.794.3242

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Gina Smith EM: PH: (909) 294-7236

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