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Are you using Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is one of Google's hidden gems. It's a really powerful tool to keep track of trends, interesting topics, or anything really new that appears on the web. If you're not using it already, here are a few creative ways to get started with it.

One of the best uses for Google Alerts is to keep track of how often people are talking about you on the web and what they're saying. One common refrain I heard when I talked to people about how they used Google Alerts was that they used them to find out what people were saying about the company they worked for, their non-profit, their startup, or about them personally.

I use it to track articles and information on clients. It acts as a 'News Clipping Service' for my clients. Communication Specialists, if you aren't using Google Alerts, start TODAY! It's very easy to set up and its a great research tool as well.

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