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This Week on Man 2 Man TV: Man’s Perception of Women

When a man lays eyes on a beautiful woman, more than likely, he has formulated what type of woman she is. However, with his internal formulations, a lot of what he has perceived may be completely wrong.

Many times men find themselves uneasy and unwilling to approach a woman based on his perception or the anticipation of a negative outcome. Do men’s preconceived notions of a beautiful woman make him afraid to approach her? Or do they throw caution to the wind, and take a shot?

On this episode of Man 2 Man TV, Richard Hall and Chris Smith will delve into the issues of men’s perceptions of women, and how it can hinder them from possibly going after the women they want.

You may access the full recorded broadcast after the live show by going

Man 2 Man TV (The HTTR Network) is sponsored by Shades of Afrika, The Urban Sentinel, SPMG Media and 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas. For information regarding our sponsors, go to


Founded January 7, 2017, by Toni Breedlove, CEO of the Hot Topics Talk Radio Network.

Man 2 Man is an online, internet talk radio show which focuses on Life, Love and Family, from a man's point of view.

Man 2 Man is hosted by Richard Hall and Chris Smith, formerly of SPMG Media Presents.

Richard Hall, Jr.

Man 2 Man Radio

R&B Singer/Songwriter and Entrepreneur

​Richard Hall was one of the lead singers for the 1998 R&B group Sec-N-Sol, entertainment VP with Footage Films and is currently entrepreneur-owner of Hot Shots Mobile Detail. ​This husband and father of four is a veteran of the entertainment industry, sharing the stage with Marques Houston, Omarion Grandberry, Jerome "Romeo" Jones and more. A leader among his peers, Richard brings his powerful positions to play on the topics of Entertainment, Politics, Religion and Current Events. Richard comes to the HTTR Network with a stellar entertainment background, quick wit and a over the top sense of humor to share with the Man 2 Man Radio listeners.

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Chris Smith, Host Man 2 Man Radio

Instagram Personality - Influencer - Husband - Father ​

Chris Smith is a media personality that is shooting to fame through Instagram and live gatherings with his witty observations, positive encouragement and hard core love of family, friends and fatherhood. Born in 1984, this husband and father of two has built an audience of thousands by welcoming his followers to his world and helping them navigate life and family challenges through humor and encouragement. With strong opinions and an infectious laugh, Chris comes to the HTTR Network as a host on Man 2 Man Radio.

Faith * Family * Fatherhood * Friends

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